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Work Group Mail Server
WorkgroupMail is a standards compliant mail server designed to provide you with a secure and reliable platform for your organization's email. It is available in several different editions, allowing you to select the product that is right for your business or organization. These are as follows:

Edition Intended use
Enterprise edition Suitable for medium to large enterprises where high message throughput is important and tight policy control is key.
Professional edition Suitable for small to medium sized organizations.
Home edition Suitable only for home users.
For organizations that send and receive their e-mail through an ISP
, WorkgroupMail can be configured to collect mail using POP3 from one or more ISPs and distribute the messages appropriately to the local users. Equally, it can store the local users' sent messages and connect to the ISP according to a pre-defined schedule and send all messages in one go.

For organizations that host their own email domain, WorkgroupMail provides multiple domain support with effective relay control and IP filtering. Received mail is distributed to the local user's POP box ready for collection by the local user's mail client. Mail sent by local users or trusted hosts is queued for immediate sending using a multi-threaded smart host.

Virus protection
Centralizing your organization's e-mail using WorkgroupMail gives you control of the information flowing in and out of your company. WorkgroupMail lets you optionally check each incoming and outgoing message for viruses before it is sent or received. This is much more desirable than relying on antivirus software installed on each client computer.

Content filtering
As more and more organizations are being held responsible for the content of e-mail messages sent out by their employees, companies are becoming increasingly eager to have some form of control over the content of both incoming and outgoing mail messages. WorkgroupMail makes this possible by using the optional content filtering functionality. This can identify messages containing undesirable content and can quarantine the message accordingly, helping you protect your organization from lawsuits and loss of image and wasted company time.

Spam filtering
The ever increasing amounts of unsolicited email being sent to staff in commercial organizations is resulting in an increase in loss of productivity amoung workers in an organization. WorkgroupMail provides very effective anti-spam tools for preventing spam email from reaching your staff.

Web-based access to email
If you want to give your staff the ability to access their email from anywhere, then this can be achieved using the WebMail component. This lets your users access their email through Internet Explorer, providing them with the ability to read messages, reply to messages and file their email.

Feature list
The following is a feature list which shows the features that are available in each edition of WorkgroupMail:

Feature Home Professional Enterprise
Mailbox limitation 5 users No limit† No limit†
Domain limitation 1 domain No limit No limit
Virus protection Cut-down Optional
Relay control
ESMTP Authentication
Message Archiving
Support for multiple ISPs
Auto responders
Run as Windows Service
Smart hosting (MX Resolution)
Message Routing
Spam filtering
IP Screening
Content filtering Optional
Multiple quarantine areas
Shared address book (LDAP) Optional
Mailing list management Optional
IMAP Support
Web-based email
Developer's API
Web-based administration Optional
Windows NT Domain Authentication
Account restrictions
Account purging
Account quotas
User Licensing

WorkgroupMail Professional Edition and WorkgroupMail Enterprise Edition are both priced according to the number of users that you have. For the Professional Edition, you can purchase user packs of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or unlimited. For the Enterprise Edition, you can purchase in user packs of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or unlimited.

Price table

The following table shows the per user cost and price breaks for each edition of WorkgroupMail.

User pack Home edition Professional edition Enterprise edition
5-user pack


(limit of 5 users)

£72.50 n/a
10-user pack £145.00 n/a
15-user pack £205.00 n/a
20-user pack £265.00 n/a
25-user pack £320.00 £450.00
50-user pack £495.00 £695.00
100-user pack £625.00 £850.00
250-user pack £750.00 £995.00
500-user pack £875.00 £1195.00
Unlimited-user pack £995.00 £1395.00

Current Exchange Rate is £1.00 to RM 7.08

List of Plug In to add to Work Group Mail Professional 
Virus Protection £49.00
Content Filtering £99.00
Shared Address Book £49.00
Mailing List £49.00
With the Anti Virus Plug In, you will be able to use any Anti Virus Software to scan for all incoming and outgoing mails. We strongly recommend AVG Professional Anti Virus to be used with your WorkGroup Mail.
To find out more about Work Group Mail or to buy Work Group Mail, please call us at 60-3-89449965 or 60-3-89449365 or email us at sales@hileytech.com .