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Search Engine Optimization

The success of your web site depends very much on the ability of the Internet users to be able to reach your site via the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN

In this aspect, our SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION service with our placement technique will help you to expose your web sites to tons of Internet users by achieving top placing  among Google, Yahoo! and MSN, Malaysia Directory, Malaysia Manufacturers with your given keywords. All these can be done within 45 days and you will see a rise in your web visitors.



With the SEO service that we are providing, we will be able to guarantee that you site will be listed within top 30 with some of the keywords provided.


SEO package


We have 3 packages for Search Engine Optimization Services


Package A

RM 1,800.00  annually for guarantee Top 30 position in Google
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Package B

RM 2,700.00  annually for guarantee top 30 position in Google & Yahoo 
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Package C

RM 3,600.00  annually for guarantee top 30 position in Google, Yahoo & MSN
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Search Engine Optimization Services is a continue submission and monitoring process. We will continue to submit your URL to the above search engines base on the 10 most important keywords.



  1. Why SEO is important for your business ?
    With the growing popularity of the Internet, most people now rely on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to search for products and services and get the response in seconds. Gone are the days where people rely on printed directories which is troublesome and slow.

  2. Why the above investment cheap when compared to other advertising media ?
    Paying RM 2,400.00 a year is cheap when compared to other type of advertising media. Such a small investment annually will continue to bring you quality visitors looking for your type of products and services you are offering. The additional sales brought about by investment in SEO is definitely more than sufficient to cover your investment. The amount of RM 2400.00 may not be even sufficient for you to put up and big AD in printed newspaper these days. So think about it !

    More important is that SEO will expose your web site to people from all around the world and not limited to only country when your company is situated.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at +603.89449965 or +603.89449365 or 019-3256289



To find out more about our Search Engine Placement Services, please email us at sales@hileytech.com  or fill and submit the form below to us.
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