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E-Membership Management
  Management makes it fast and easy to enhance member relations and automate time-consuming tasks. A powerful suite of Web-based tools gives you everything you need to streamline membership management and help grow sales.

Accrisoft E-Membership Management is available as a Hileytech Business Solutions service, so you need not purchase, install, or maintain the application. You simply pay a low monthly subscription fee.

  • Streamline management of member information - Accrisoft E-Membership Management makes it easy to collect information about members and simplify customer relationship management to improve the way you serve, renew, and upgrade memberships.
  • Allow members to create a personalized account - To simplify member management, members can log in to a special MyAccount page to update personal information such as address, credit card, email lists, and e-commerce order history.
  • Make it easy to attract and enroll new members - It's easy to recruit new members and grow membership revenues- To enroll in your members-only programs, visitors simply complete a registration form to set up an account.
  • Offer members-only prices for events - Selling tickets to an event? You can offer members special discounts while driving and tracking attendance for future event planning.
  • Send out targeted broadcast email communications - With Accrisoft E-Membership Management, you can send out customized email communications to special member groups, leveraging customer data to target programs, promotions, and offers based on personal preferences.
  • Track membership statistics - You can track click-throughs, forms, and e-commerce activities on your Website- The ability to analyze member statistics helps you track program success and optimize the outcome of future programs, promotions, and pricing models.


  Setup Monthly
E-Membership Management 50 Free RM 70.00
E-Membership Management 250 Free RM 140.00
E-Membership Management 1000 Free RM 280.00
E-Membership Management 5000 Free RM 420.00


Manage organization information
  • Take control of your organization information
  • Company directory
  • Membership directory
  • Online search capability
Online registration
  • Automate registration for events, activities, newsletters, membership
  • Enhance member relations by making it easy to register
Online subscription renewal Improve customer service by enabling users to order online
Lead generation Automate promotions by sending out broadcast emails
Online donations
  • Accept donations online via credit card
  • Automatically direct transactions to an automatic payment processor
Membership dues
  • Automatically capture all order information for integration with Intuit® QuickBooks® Pro
  • Automatically configure invoices for fast, accurate customer billing
Security Prevent unauthorized access to administrative interfaces
MyAccount Create a MyAccount that summarizes account activity
WYSIWYG editor
  • Edit text on most browser platforms
  • Use a WYSIWYG text editor to update content across platforms


Call us at +603.89449965 or +603.89449365 or 019.3256289 or email us at sales@hileytech.com for more information.