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Email Marketing
If you want to capitalize on email marketing, Accrisoft E-mail Marketing makes it easy to create personalized email and manage all aspects of your campaigns. A powerful suite of Web-based tools, Accrisoft E-mail Marketing provides everything you need to generate opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, and increase sales.

Accrisoft E-mail Marketing is available as a Hileytech Business Solutions service, so you need not purchase, install, or maintain the application. You simply pay a low monthly subscription fee.

  • Streamline campaign management - Accrisoft E-mail Marketing makes it a snap to create compelling email campaigns. You simply create your email content and set it up to go to one or to several groups. It's easy to reuse campaign content, or you can use the emails you create as templates for future mailings.
  • Track all of the email you send - An email tracking feature lets you view all of your email messages and the status of each. You'll know how many emails were delivered, who opened them, whether they bounced, and so much more.
  • Manage lists of subscriber email addresses - Add, view, edit, and delete subscriber email addresses with ease. You can build email lists manually, by importing addresses from a database..
  • Refine your email lists - Managing bounced emails is an important tool to fine-tune the accuracy of your email address lists. With Accrisoft, you learn which email addresses bounced and why, and then remove them from your list.
  • Rapidly create categories of addresses - Want to create different groups to personalize and better target messages? With Accrisoft E-mail Marketing, it's easy to add, edit, and delete all types of email categories.
  • Simplify management of your email database - Accrisoft E-mail Marketing makes it simple to keep your email database up to date. You can track who opts not to receive general messages and who requests text-only messages. You can always address lists from a file or continuously clean up your subscriber database.


  Setup Monthly
E-Mail Marketing 1000 Free RM  70.00
E-Mail Marketing 5000 Free RM 140.00
E-Mail Marketing 10000 Free RM 280.00
E-Mail Marketing 25000 Free RM 420.00
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  • Engage customers, partners, suppliers, and employees
Market and promote
  • Increase traffic to your site, drive business, generate leads
  • Broadcast email campaigns
  • Product promotion
  • Search capability
  • Grant access rights
  • Prevent unauthorized access to administrative interfaces
WYSIWYG editor
  • Edit text on most browser platforms
  • Use a WYSIWYG text editor to update content across platforms

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