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Email Distribution Solutions

Whether you wish to provide email address to 5 or 250 or even 10,000 of your office staff, we will be able to provide you a complete email distribution solutions where allow you to have total control in the email management.

We will be able to help you on the following :-

  • Setting up of your email server.

  • Supply of email server software.

  • Implementing security measures.

  • Setting up of your Local Area Network (LAN).

  • Provide you with a complete email hosting account that suit the number of users you will be having.

  • Implementation of modem sharing for share connection to the Internet using one connection, with either a modem or a dedicated digital connection.

For company that currently operate Microsoft Exchange Server for their internal messaging, we offer Exchange POP 3 Gateway software that will be able to work with your exchange server to collect mail from our POP 3 account and distribute mail to all users in your organization.

For organization that has some employee always on the move with the rest only need mail service in their LAN, our email hosting solutions will also be able to meet your need in this aspect. Read more >>>

For more information on our email services, please contact us at hiley@hileytech.com