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DNS Hosting
If you do not intent to setup your own Name Servers, we can host your domain name and have the domain name point to the IP address of your server. Our rate as follow :-
  • Setup and first year fee - RM 300.00.
  • Annual fee for subsequent years - RM 300.00 per year

Both of our DNS servers are situated in different physical location and hence different DNS server. Having both DNS in separate location will mean that we are able to ensure that your domain DNS will all the time be served with 100% availability.

To use our DNS Hosting, please use the following Name Servers when you register your domain name.

Primary Name Server
Hostname : ns1.hileytech.net
Net Address :

Secondary Name Server
Hostname : ns2.hileytech.net
Net Address :

Order DNS Hosting for your domain name online >>

To find out more about our DNS Hosting Services, please email us at hiley@hileytech.com