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Accrisoft Freedom
Accrisoft Freedom provides businesses a powerful suite of tools to build and manage profitable websites. Freedom enables you to create a recurring revenue stream as you empower your clients to control more of their websites using easy-to-use content management tools.

AccrisoftAccrisoft, the leader in turnkey solutions for integrated website creation and online marketing. 

Accrisoft Freedom allows your team  to effortlessly create and update web content any time. Customers are demanding more ongoing control over web content, but need help getting their sites set up-creating an unbelievable window of opportunity for Webmasters. Build sites and introduce customers to simple tools that makes it easy to create and post compelling content. Now there is no need for your customers to know any HTML whatsoever!

A Powerful Affordable Web Solution for Webmasters

Freedom means what it says: freedom to design custom sites built on a solid programming and hosting platform. Designed to incorporate HTML generated from other editors, Freedom also contains a gallery of professionally designed templates. Because Accrisoft is a hosted ASP application residing on Hileytech servers, all the back-end integration with Hileytech is already done for you. Built with the Webmasters  in mind, Freedom's key advantage lies in your ability to manage and update a large number of sites at once.

Imagine a powerful, scalable Web software suite that gives you the freedom to pursue and close more business than ever. Bundle Freedom with your hosting suite for an unbeatable total package with unlimited upside potential.

Technical Specs

  DIY Light Standard Premium Professional Pro Plus
Web Pages 20 40 100 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable Forms 1 3 5 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Directory Modules (company, membership, products, staff, dining, nightlife, etc.) 1 1 3 5 10 Unlimited
Content Contributors 1 1 1 3 5 10 25
Basic Menus x x x x x x
Text Editor x x x x x x
Quick Start x x x x x x
Blog x x x x x x
Basic Forms x x x x x x
News Articles x x x x x x
Photo Album x x x x x x
FAQs x x x x x x
Weather Feed x x x x x x
Security x x x x x x
Calendar and Events x x x x x x
Site Search x x x x x x
Edit Anywhere   x x x x x
Online Form Processing   x x x x x
File Manager   x x x x x
Configuration   x x x x x
Hit Counter   x x x x x
3rd Party Vendors (SBA, ITSportsNet)   x x x x x
Multilevel and Popup Menus   x x x x x
Registration Management   x x x x x
Recurring Events     x x x x
Stock Tracking     x x x x
Site Statistics     x x x x
Online Marketing Tools     x x x x
Reports     x x x x
Jobs     x x x x
Polls       x x x
RSS Newsfeeds       x x x
Broadcast Email       x x x
Membership Modules (restricted access)       x x x
Newsletter Signup       x x x
Online Donations       x x x
Shopping Cart       x x x
PayPal Integration       x x x
Manual Credit Card Processing       x x x
Customizable Shipping Tables       x x x
Real-time Credit Card Processing with Payment Gateway 2         x x
Affiliates         x x
Banner Ads and Product Promotion         x x
Work-Flow Process (Content Management)           x
Trouble Tickets           x
Content Syndication           x

1 Additional concurrent log in seats can be added for an additional fee.
2 Does not include merchant account fees, custom SSL certificates or gateway connection fees.

  Setup Monthly Fee to add
Accrisoft Freedom to VPS such as
(Unix Professional Server)
DIY Free RM 50.00
Light Free RM 220.00
Standard Free RM 400.00
Premium Free RM 600.00
Professional Free RM 800.00
Pro Plus Free RM 1000.00
Accrisoft Freedom can be added to the following servers :-

To know more about Accrisoft Freedom, kindly contact us at sales@hileytech.com or call us at 603.89449965, 603.89449365, 019.3256289 for more information.